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 Auchentoshan Director´s Cut
  of Fantasy Valley
  Maine Coon
  cream tabby mackerel/white
  Christiane Hauslaib-Lehmann


Eltern Großeltern Ur-Großeltern Ur-Ur-Großeltern

 Ch. Cameo One Pepper
red tabby  mackerel/white
Brenin Samir of
Cameo One - 
red  tabby mc./wh.
Pandomainea  Laird
J´Ron - black tby. mc./wh.
GrC.Coonquest Wolfmaine
Jack - black tby. mc.
Kachina Kat Marquise of 
Pandomainea - black torbie btch./wh.
Magesticats Blue Rose Lady
Rhiannon - blue torbie mc.
Magesticats Fighting
Irish - cameo tabby
Magesticats Tiger Lilly
black torbie btch./wh.
Ch. Kittikop Moneypenny
of Cameo One - 
black torbie/wh.
Ch. Texas Belle 
Girthbrooks of Kittikop - 
cream tby./wh.
Ch. Kittikop Badger of
Texas Belle - black  tby./wh.
Ch. Swanycoon Boni Blush
of Texas Belle, DM  - red tby./wh.
Ch. Supermaine Bridget
of Kittikop - black tby.
Lawmaine Stevedore of 
Supermaine - black tby./wh.
Ch. Mainetoons Waterfalls
of Supermaine - black tby./wh.

Recovery Starface
black torbie mackerel 
LoonyCoons Elladan
red tabby  mackerel
LonnyCoons Anarion
red silv. tby. mc.
Phunnyfarm´s Tasslehoff Purrfoot
Ch. Cindy the Magic Ones
black torbie blotched
Thunderpaw´s Elbereth of
LoonyCoons - blue torbie/wh.
Thunderpaw´s Stone Sailor
red tabby  mackerel/white
Thunderpaw´s Sindi
red tabby mc./white
The White Thunder´s 
Ashon - white - amber-eyes
Casimir of Williams
Lake - white
Linus of Mount MacKinley
white - odd eyes
Alwina of Williams
Lake - silver mc. tabby
Blizzard´s Nikita
red btch. tabby
Ch. Handball Child of
Maine - creame tby. btch.
Sundancer´s Texas Red
Pepper - red tby. btch.